Direct Marketing

Sending out a clear message…

Direct marketing includes advertising, mailouts, phone apps and telephone, email and mobile marketing. When it’s done well, direct marketing can increase sales to your current customers, prompt former customers to buy from you again and bring in new business.

I can help you with every aspect of a direct marketing campaign. To ensure your campaign hits the spot, I’ll advise you on the type of direct marketing that’s best suited to your customers. We’ll look at your budget and how much you want to spend for what return. I’ll organise copywriting so your key sales message is clear and compelling and check your database is accurate and up to date.

I’ll also monitor the direct marketing campaign to measure the results and give you a cost per response.

With a strong background in Customer Relationship Management, I’ve planned, written and delivered regular email and text campaigns targeted to specific products and users – in some cases achieving email open rates of more than 6% above the industry average. I can generate measurable sales for your business.

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